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HiltonHeadView.com is an independent informational Web resource that focuses on the recreational and cultural activities on Hilton Head Island and nearby.





We created HHV because most, if not all, of the other Web sites we found that were writing about the Hilton Head Island area were too narrowly focused on a few topics. And, in many cases, their sole reason for being was to sell you something or some place. Since we began writing HHV, the Chamber of Commerce has expanded its Website, and takes much the same approach that we do.





As a Web-based service, HHV is at once a resident of no state and of every state. We are geographically agnostic.


In our non-HHV life, we work with clients as remote  as California, Hong Kong,  Germany and Switzerland. Some we have never met, yet have worked with for years using this magical Internet technology. The same mindset applies to our management of HHV.


Our knowledge of and experience with Hilton Head dates back to the early days of Sea Pines, when many of the roads on the Plantation were still sand -- in the very early 1970s. Today, Charlie Frazier's dream "Plantation" calls itself a "Resort," which it has become.


Today, we divide our time among three locations on the Atlantic coast: HHI, Boston and Maine.




We seek to keep HHV current, enhancing its value for repeat visitors. Some data, however, is "evergreen" and remains largely unchanged. From time to time we will rewrite or add to standing subjects to increase their completeness.


Our home page, naturally, is the most nimble and changes regularly to alert visitors to upcoming events, which we believe are worthy of consideration.


If you believe a subject should be covered, but isn't, send us a note and we will think about it. If you think we got something wrong, tell us that, too.

Email us at Editor@HiltonHeadView.com or send us an old fashioned message to us at PO Box 8051, Hilton Head Island, SC 29938-8051.





HiltonHeadView.com is owned and edited by Richard M. Miles, whose background includes newspaper journalism, corporate and marketing communications, investor relations, and developing strategic B2B communications strategies. Richard is a principal in Acumen Strategic Communications Inc.



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